January 2017

The Coleve app provides information about college's on-campus events, meet-ups, study-groups and also information about things to do in and around college campus. Users can find schedules, campus resources, local restaurant and new ways to meet new people, and more.


At college, we get a lot of leisure time but we don't usually spend it productively. In my college, I found students especially freshers, were unable to connect with like minded people to collaborate and engage in some productive activity or get information about activities that are going on in the campus. The posters of the events were periodically scraped off my college authorities to maintain college aesthetics and the college notice board was flooded with the posters and creatives and lacked the ability to attract people to come and read it.


I came up with the solution of an app that can be used to notify people about the college events. Not only college event, but also things to do in and around the college campus. I designed the experience for the concept app. Development is in the process.



I followed the material design guidelines as a base and used bright colours so that it looks friendly and with little bit of customised rounded buttons and navigation. The main purpose was to give it a simple look which would be easy to use without much hassles or steps.