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Delivering Guarantees

Delivering Guarantees

Delivery Management App

Logistics   |   iOS, Android   |   UX/UI

Worked with engineering team to define requirements, problems and scope to come up with a design solution for delivery truck drivers to manage their delivery jobs, creating transparency with their managers. I designed their flows, information architecture, end to end interaction and visual design for this iOS and Android native app.

Evangelising UX to the clients

Initally the client came in just for visual design support, I analysed there were some critical painpoints of users that needs to be sorted. Due to lack of resources and time, client refused to go with an user experience approach and I didn't get access to their users. I ended up interviewing delivery truck drivers and delivery boys from Amazon, Myntra who fit in the similar persona as our users. I gathered insights and proposed a pitch on how we need to arrest the major issues to come up with a full proof solution. Clients were impressed and convinced, the 1 week visual design work extended to 2 month UX work.


Lightening the load of carriers

This app improves delivery performance, efficieny, transparency and task flow rate among drivers and coordinators. Our user interviews has enabled the stakeholders to rethink the entire flow of their operation, to accomodate ease of use and intuitiveness. The new visual design system that we introduced will reflect their other suite of apps.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that everything starts with users. No matter what we can't bypass the users and what their painpoints are, while honouring the requirements of our stakeholders and the business.