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Food truck to hospitality

Food truck to hospitality

Food Speciality & Event Management Company

Food & Hospitality   |   Branding, UX/UI, Web Dev, Digital Marketing

Tamaya Foods is a Bhubaneswar based food company, started out with a small food truck, Regal. Regal became quite popular in no time and they expanded themselves to a full fledged restaurant, offering affordable and delicious meals for college students.

Soon their appetizing cuisine and pocket friendly prices attracted orders from corporate events, parties and more. Within few years they have diversified themselves from being a food truck company to now running a multi cuisine speciality restaurant located at a prime venue, hotels, event management and wedding planning business.

I have been a part of their businesses since they started out as a small food truck company till this day. I created brand identity for their businesses, helped them get online social media presence, digital marketing and website development. Here is a preview of my work for them so far.

Visual Identity for Regal

Almost needless to say, an identity for Regal should reflect the brand values and the pivot that made them big, food truck. They wanted a logo around food truck, and when they started out they had trademarked the inverted 'R' which has to be a part of their logo.

Custom table mat that featured offers and special dishes

The mother's kitchen

In 2018, Regal opened their new Indian cuisine, homemade speciality restaurant called Ghar Aangan. They wanted to establish new visual identity system for this while keeping Regal's brand name with it. I helped them visualise a whole new branding. I helped them launch and market their restaurant by running marketing campaigns, both offline and digital.

They wanted something that reflects traditional design language. It has to be positioned as an Indian restaurant that specialises in home styled meals. I decided to go with Samarkan typeface which is fusion of Hindi script and English alphabets. For rest of the visual design, I picked Proxima Nova which is a hybrid of modern proportions and geometric appearance. Color palette comprises mandarin, yellow orange and Van Dyke brown which comes together with sheen green and banana mania to create a jubilant and festive affair.


Design that create relations

It's been 2 years now I've been part of Regal as their creative aide. This distinct brand identity has helped Regal grow from humble food truck to now serving more than thousand customers per week with their range of speciality service offerings.

The aesthetic features of this brand is not only appealing but also emotional. It differentiates Regal with its competitors and something that its customers associate with quality and credibility.