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Big brand for small

Big brand for small

Logo and Visual Identity

Here are few logos that I made for various clients and some as personal project over the past couple of as part of my freelancing.
Logo design for internal training program for IT professionals
Logo design and visual identity for Bengaluru based digital marketing strategist

From stationery to poster design

I have designed several stationery, posters, visiting cards, letterheads for startups and small businesses as part of my visual identiy work.
Logo and poster design for Bhubaneswar based music club
Logo design for Mumbai based food blogger
Stationery design for Kolkata based digital marketing agency

It's perfect! Just how we wanted it to be

Client testimony

Logo design for New Delhi based social entrepreneurs collective
Logo design for Bhubaneswar based photographer


Working with letters

Logo is the basic mark of brand identity, the most prominent symbol of brand image and the foundation of effective marketing strategy enabling its connection with target audience. My style of logo design is textmark logos, that use text and letters of the brand.

My logo work qualifies at all points in modern logo design principles. They are adaptable, geometric, modern & customisable.