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Simplifying Speaker Bureaus

Simplifying Speaker Bureaus

Speaker Bureau Management System

Medical   |   Web   |   UX/UI

Worked for an American medical communications company on their speaker bureau management system that improves usability, simplifies interface and implements a new aesthetic look and feel.

I redesigned the web experience for their speaker management portal, implementing the insights we gathered from the user and abiding to a new UI design guidelines for their product suite.

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated names of the organisation and other confidential information in the website. I have put details of my process in a PDF which you can take a look at.

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Improved organisation

This speaker bureau management system was a very large and complex working tool that took several weeks to redesign and improve. In order to arrive at the final designs of this CRMS, we completed a thorough analysis of all the sections, identified components that needed to be updated, and worked with the brand to ensure all their demands were met in terms of overall performance. After multiple design iteration sessions, we were successfully able to redesign the system in a way that corrected all of the prior usability issues, while also improving and adding many new features.

While changes to each of the priority areas improved the usability of the portal, revisions to the taskflows were the most significant. The introduction of new UI design language, added a flair of their brand and consistency on all their product suite

Client satisfaction with our work led to an year long partnership with them on the UX design front. They wanted us onboard for redesigning all their products and consult the development team on UX front.